Resist Worldwide Communist Halo Mind-Slavery

Public Announcement:

The communist fascist FBI and Worldwide Communist Technological Oligarchy are responsible for all wars that have occurred by remotely effecting humans using radio wave/skyscraper-antenna-based/hal-based mind-and-body-controlling technology; the communist fascist FBI does not value individual life in any way whatsoever and will control, torture, maim, and kill any person, including babies, toddlers and children, in order to further sodomy-based Worldwide Communist halo-mind-slavery; The communist fascist FBI is evil incarnate and must be must be abolished, arrested, and interrogated by the American Military;

Public Announcement:

I cannot overemphasize how horrifically-evil the communist fascist FBI and the Worldwide Communist Technological Oligarchy that they are a part of are; they use abominably-immoral and evil technology to remotely control human beings and effect every part of a person’s brain and body including inserting vocalized and sub-vocalized thoughts, inserting brainwashing dream sequences, and inserting the most horrific imagery into the human mind combined with effects on neurochemicals and hormones to remotely and artificially produce fear, depression, anger, and reverence and have caused many people to commit suicide and homicide using this technology; the inhumanly-evil FBI even uses this technology on babies, toddlers, and children;

The communist fascist FBI and Worldwide Communist Technological Oligarchy are the Nazi’s times a thousand and must be abolished, arrested, and interrogated by the American Military;

Me to the DOD, NSA, CIA, DHS, and Federal Marshals:

DOD, NSA, and CIA: Info on how the communist fascist FBI and WTCO attempts to brainwash and influence me and others: On my back from Walmart the communist fascist FBI dropped the temperature and made it rain hard in Decatur, GA, in order to show how they can “control the entire environment around me” and continue to attempt to “break me” and make me submit to Worldwide Communist halo-mind-slavery; as usual, they controlled every person around me and attempted to coordinate as many communist brainwashing stimuli as they could using objects and light and their interaction with the eyes and implanted/genetically-embedded halo “pixel/dot eye filter” such as outright light-based stimuli – streetlamps, headlights, taillights, colors – yellow paint on sidewalk and road, red signs and paint, the contrast of moving shadows and moving people – producing automatic “flight-or-fight” pain/”individual-crushing” responses in the adrenaline gland, different people’s faces and body types – each with a particular pre-programmed communist brainwashing stimuli such as the “slow, pathetic-moving short Hispanic sandwich-maker” at Subway and the only people at Walmart being “slow-moving, overweight waddling black women” and cars and buses zooming by me in the with water splashing on or around me as I walked and with the wind accelerated on my way back and seemingly targeted on me as I carried my purchases; one thing that did seem to nullify much of the coordinated and automatic visual-stimuli-to-eye-and-brain-body-manipulating halo-based communist brainwashing attempts was holding a small umbrella up against a visual brainwashing/pain stimuli that was coordinated with inserted vocalized and sub-vocalized communist thoughts which acted as block of the still or moving object shape, color or light stimuli and seemed to completely nullify its effect if I moved to block the stimuli without it being continuously exposed to my eyes;

DOD, NSA, and CIA: Get your best neuroscientists and physicists or find them in America and throughout the world and buy them out and hoard them out of communist fascist FBI and Worldwide Communist Technological Oligarchy skyscraper and other antenna-controlling range and get them working on the FBI’s and WTCO’s methods of invading and controlling the mind and body as soon as possible;

DOD, NSA, and CIA: The is a war of science and technology and you must act now;

The communist fascist FBI and the Worldwide Communist Technological Oligarchy – “X” - is your greatest enemy;

Me to DOD, NSA, and CIA:

Purge your ranks of anyone suspected of being sympathetic to Worldwide Communism or halo-mind-enslaving communism; cut all ties with the treasonous communist fascist FBI;

Me to the DOD, NSA, CIA, DHS, and Federal Marshals:

Your leaders and top-level decision-makers are being monitored and controlled by the communist fascist FBI and Worldwide Communist Technological Oligarchy using radio wave/halo-based mind-and-body-controlling technology; isolate your leaders and decision-makers out of skyscraper and other antenna range as much as possible and spread out and disperse your decision-makers, top-level analysts and decision-making processes to those isolated geographical areas as well; also, rooms that act as Faraday cages or windowless carpeted rooms with no yellow light are ideal for meetings, analysts, and decision-makers;

Me to the Communist Fascist FBI:

Insane, communist-brain-rotted FBI, the fact that you think there is a the slightest chance that I will ever do what you want, let alone go into “politics,” when you have remotely controlled and tortured adults, children and animals in front of me – including remotely controlling a toddler like a remote-controlled robot and causing a cat to sit on my bed for days while not eating until it had to be put to sleep and making another get hit by a car – and bragging about it to me as you attempt to “convince” me that all life is “recyclable garbage” and that “the proper state of human life” is to be physically remote-controlled, thought-controlled, and mass media-brainwashed by an abominably-evil, unaccountable “technologically all-powerful” government-based oligarchy proves that you are insane and Satanically-evil/programmed and need to be arrested, interrogated and sentenced to be executed by the American Military;

Me to the DOD, NSA, CIA and Other Non-Communist Parties:

Ways in which the brain-rotted, horrifically-evil communist fascist FBI has their halo-operators attempt to barbarically communist brainwash me and convince me that “genocide and mind-control is the way to go” by continually harming me and therefore attempting to devalue the human body and make me submit to being their communist fascist Antichrist/Hitler II bitch-slave:

- make me suddenly stop short while turning to twist my knee
- cause me to bang the tip of my feet on a curb or step, causing harm to my knees and ankles
- causing me to step incorrectly off a curb or step, causing harm to my knees and ankles
- having my shoe get “stuck” or trip on a hard surface floor, causing harm to my knee
- jam my thumb and fingers into cabinet doors or other hard surfaces when reaching doors or objects
- cause me to turn and jerk my head when there is a an object to the side of me or around me, causing me to bang and hurt my head
- cause me to slice my finger or hand open while purposely having me reach for a handle, object, or can in a way wear a razor-sharp edge will come in contact with my finger or hand
- purposely cause me to burn myself by making me “forget” that an object, surface or water is hot;

The concept of a “Zap Gun” and its true meaning comes from the communist fascist FBI and WCTO being able to remotely induce pain and adrenaline in the body using horrifically-evil radio wave/antenna-based/halo-based technology;

The concept of a “Voodoo Doll” and its true meaning comes from the Worldwide Communist Technological Oligarchy being able to remotely hurt precise areas of the human body by remotely accessing specific areas of the brain via radio-wave/halo-based technology and using pinpoint vibrations based on radio-wave-to-halo mapping targeted on external and internal areas of the body;

Me to the Communist Fascist FBI:

Insane, brain-rotted communist fascist FBI: remotely hurting my body like a voodoo doll and flooding my mind with horrific radio-wave-to-halo-vocalized thoughts while “zapping me” by sending surges of anxiety and physical pain simultaneously with the vocalized thoughts and while I look at specific visual stimuli that is pre-programmed into my halo to interact with my brain as a barbaric Pavlovian “animal torturing/teaching/behavior-controlling” technique and your attempts to Communist-program me like a VCR only makes me want to abolish you even more and devote myself to wiping out Worldwide Communism;

The FBI and Worldwide Communism

The Communist Fascist FBI can invade anyone's mind and body using halo mind-implants

Halo's are genetically-embedded or implanted into each person's brain and are referenced everywhere in literature, culture and society;

We must resist the "conversion" of humanity into Communist insects, sheep, and cattle using skycraper antennas, radio waves, halo-implants, mass media and other Communist technologies;

The communist fascist FBI will control, enslave, torture, and murder any child or adult in the name of absolute Worldwide Communist Slavery and the genocide of freedom-loving whites; the communist fascist FBI and their Worldwide Communist brethren operating in America and all other countries are irredeemably Communist-brainwashed, mind-raping, murdering, inhumanly-evil monsters that must be abolished and held accountable by all freedom-loving Americans and those who have sworn to defend the Constitution;

More to come